Research and Development

„If Polish companies want to grow, they must invest in research. At present, in order for the economy of a given country to be competitive against other countries and secure against cyber attacks, particular emphasis should be placed on the development of innovation in the IT sector”.

prof. Konrad Świrski

President of Transition Technologies

R+D in numbers


place in the category IT companies with the highest R&D expenditure in 2018


PLN million outlays on R&D in 2018


Research projects



What we do?

We improve the quality of life

We have created a package of SEEING ASSISTANT applications supporting blind and partially sighted people in everyday life.

Our innovative tool, ECHOVIS, enables the development of echolocation abilities in people with visual impairment.

We care for the environment

The SILO system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize industrial processes - in particular the combustion process in a power boiler, reducing NOx and CO2 emissions.

We create innovative solutions for energy, gas, heating and industry

Original multi-functional and multi-module IT system supporting business processes in energy trade.

A system supporting business processes on the gas market, from marketing, through commercial and technical management, to settlement and invoicing of services rendered

We computerize healthcare

We have created the MEDSTREAM solution that supports the analysis of data collected in hospital systems, fully integrated with the hospital system and allows you to create any search criteria.

Epistop - an international scientific and research program in which epilepsy has been studied since the first brain changes before even seizures are evident.

Opinions about our R&D activities